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As the Canadian Geese Fly Over in Formation

What does the man say when he wears a gold lamé ballcap
Afraid to commit to the grilled cheese
Straddling the picnic bench, belly
Dipping over the side of the khaki dickie pool
Kelly green polo straight out of the preppie handbook
Taking the cover band in while wondering
About the waist we all tighten as we age
as we age
Alas, here we go, the process just a subway car
We need to hop on as it passes through our stop
Our beards finding themselves in salt and pepper
Seasoned just enough for that someone
Who’d been at the bar alone with her flight
Hopping from one town to another.
Make a wish, Baby, I want to say smooth like butter
But smother out a “bake a dish, lady”
And find myself in a gold lamé hat
Straddling the bench
“Not another grilled cheese?” Says Tommy.
“Shut up Tommy,
Go back to your pinball, machine,
let me be uncommital
To life beyond this ballcap that says something...

I’m just not sure what yet.

8 Responses to “As the Canadian Geese Fly Over in Formation”

  1. ivor20

    And what is there to say in the life beyond… what we don’t have now… or never will have then…. when is our time to breathe and be free………..

    Liked by 1 person


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