Stephen Fuller *** Poetry, Essays

I Wake Laughing

I wake laughing
Finally, everyone in on the joke, my
dream shakes my belly and I wake
Laughing. Not screaming as has been
The case. Good. I wake laughing.

I just want to say it again. I wake
laughing. The menagerie singing
With me, morning bird songs and
Croaks floating up from the pond.

They wake laughing too, it seems.
Hear it? Finally, I am in on the joke
Life, it seems, has its humor back
Now, I get to laugh too, I get to laugh

Too. Linger here with me a moment
Let’s make up names for them, nah
Let’s just listen, finally hearing Life,
It seems, shaking its belly, awake.

27 Responses to “I Wake Laughing”

  1. saynotoclowns

    Stephen, I’m sorry to read you’ve been having so many nightmares? But glad to read this! I’ve laughed in my sleep before, real belly laughs too but could never remember why!
    Will be hoping the nightmare thing calms down 🌸

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      • saynotoclowns

        Hmmm feel free to email about it if you need to…

        I love the thought that nature is enjoying this joke and you feel you are in on it πŸ™‚
        The birds around us have been particularly happy lately. I see signs everywhere of nature enjoying a little reprieve from our polluting ways? Such thought provoking times!
        I’m glad I took the time to visit WP, it’s good to “see” you.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Stephen

        Will email for sure. Happy to see you here too!

        Nature might just get the break it needs… I hope. That would be a great reward and perhaps a chance for all of us to learn about what we can live without, eh?

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      • saynotoclowns

        Yes… so much of it is difficult, but so much good has come out of it too. My brother had a chat today with a cafe owner who employs a lot of people and works a lot of hours, but has had to close for now. He said it’s been a fantastic thing for him and his employees, to figure out their priorities. I’ve heard this a lot. And feel the same about my life too.
        Anyway, will look forward to an email chat when you have time 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      • Stephen

        Totally understand that. As long as people can get the basics met during this time, I think it is a great chance to put together a new sense of being. I know I am finishing, in a way, a journey I began a few years back. Life has taken me places I never expected, but feel happy, in ways I didn’t know I could feel.


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