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Kula Trilogy, three poems written during my first 30 day Yoga with Adreine journey (Original)

Along this path

Along this path, over winter, limbs,
Branches and whole trees fell.
It looks as though this has been
Happening for years, some logs

Brittle as you recall wood gets
When left alone to rot.
Rot it does not though,
I have learned in winter.

If I were strong enough, (I may be),
If I were still in need to disrupt
Life, I’d turn over one that fell
Only to discover bugs and worms

And worlds that might have been
A dream for the boy I was.
Now, I allow them to be a dream
For the man I have become.

It was not the rot I sought
But these worlds to start
Underneath felled branches,
Limbs and whole trees.

Along this path, this life
I do not need to disturb
Only know of for the boy I was
To have proof of his existence.


My focal point for balance
Peace in myself
Peace in the world
Shells from a beach
Walked to meet myself
Buddha, who listened
A son
A different beach
A tunnel dug
Dig a tunnel
A different day
A son
Buddha still listen
Let the self go
Look at shells collected
The world they reflect
Peace through gentle breaths
A focal point for balance

The Flow

Flow finds me, found me, supports me
Inside, the breath find where it must go…
And goes there, flows there, knows

I am a vessel for this moment, for its movement,
For its discovery. Eyes close to the world
Outside my reach, and open to that in hand.

All together, flow into breath into moment,
The world within reach blooms inside
My heart ready to receive the gift brought

By this flow, with this breath, to this world.
I stand, tall like a tree. One foot to the other:
“I got this, go. When you return we will be strong.”

Flow finds me, found me, offers me firmament.
Breath finds me, fills me, offers me blossoms.
The world within reach glows green and blue.

18 Responses to “Kula Trilogy, three poems written during my first 30 day Yoga with Adreine journey (Original)”

    • Stephen

      Thank you so much MB I feel like this is really too high of a compliment. When I was in college I collected a set of poems I had written at that point and assembled a self published book for my family and close friends. My grandmother, bless her beautiful heart and soul… the true matriarch of our family… said to me about one of them… “it feels like a prayer to me”… I was maybe 20 at the time… so that my poetry can still bring these feelings to a reader, and an important reader in you, means an awful lot to me.

      Thank you. 🙏🙏🙏


  1. Lucy

    Wow, so beautifully penned. The descriptions are very powerful and immersing. So well-written, each word, each verse. Amazing.


    • Stephen

      Thank you Lucy; these words are wonderful to read and so very kind. These poems connected to spiritual moments for me either through the yoga or hikes. There is a fourth that is much older and because of that didn’t fit this set, but between these two practices, I find a lot of richness for my writing.

      Thank you for reading. 🙏🙏🙏

      Liked by 1 person

    • Stephen

      Thank you Liz. Two of the three were written after yoga sessions and posted to the social network hosted by the Find What Feels Good group led by yogi Adriene Mishler. Fantastic free yoga available on you tube.

      The other I have shared here before, but I also shared there and was the product of the first (and last… state parks being closed for COVID reasons) hike of the season.

      So all three of them come from the very core of my spiritual place either because of the meditative aspects of yoga or deep spiritual wanderings in nature.

      I am very happy that you found them as I intended. Thank you. Very much. 🙏🙏🙏

      Liked by 1 person


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