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Along This Path, a Five O’Clock Poem by Stephen Fuller with Audio

Along This Path, as read by Stephen Fuller, the first hiking poem of the season
Along this path, over winter, limbs,
Branches and whole trees fell.
It looks as though this has been 
Happening for years, some logs

Brittle as you recall wood gets
When left alone to rot.
Rot it does not though,
I have learned in winter.

If I were strong enough, (I may be),
If I were still in need to disrupt
Life, I’d turn over one that fell
Only to discover bugs and worms

And worlds that might have been
A dream for the boy I was.
Now, I allow them to be a dream 
For the man I have become.

It was not the rot I sought
But these worlds to start
Underneath felled branches, 
Limbs and whole trees.

Along this path, this life 
I do not need to disturb
Only know of for the boy I was
To have proof of his existence. 
Spring is Springing! Shout out to the National!

18 Responses to “Along This Path, a Five O’Clock Poem by Stephen Fuller with Audio”

  1. rosejfairchild

    I often wonder at the terror those bugs, salamanders, etc must feels when their whole house is lifted off of them. Poor things. And yet I do feel it’s good for kids to discover them and be mindful as long as they gently put everything back and don’t harm nor further disturb. Lovely poem!

    Liked by 1 person


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