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Bravery-20 and 4087 a Response, 5 O’Clock Poems about COVID-19 by Stephen Fuller with Audio

I dedicate Bravery-20 to my friends and former colleagues working at Military Sealift Command who worked tirelessly to get MERCY and COMFORT underway and up to Seattle and New York led by a good friend and former colleague. These are true American Heroes, most of them civilians who did not sign up to fight a war, but are now on the frontlines of the defining battle of our age. Be proud of the Mariners and Sailors, be inspired by their Bravery-20, and do your part, whatever that might be.

4087 A Response
Yours tremble?
Mine shake
Like glass
Wants broken
Into shards
Crushed under foot
To return to sand
Unmelt me
But first
Pick a shard
Of me
To help carve
so many…
So many
So many
So many
Wake me from my
Nightly nightmare
Screaming, I don’t
Want it’s memory
So many
So many
So many
Pick my shard
Off the ground
And carve
find it heart,
so urgently
and seriously
needed today,
I use Adverbs
when I know I should not,
but to draw out a Point,
and make pause
ones whose ire raised
at my blunder
might realize, 
need their hearts
my heart and yours
and his and hers...
And so on and so on...
to catch Bravery-20 like a virus
to indiscriminately and exponentially
share hope like a vaccine

4087 A Response written in response to Christine Ray’s 4087 found at her site, Brave and Reckless.

Bravery-20 written for the weekly Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge at the Go Dog Go Cafe. This week: Brave Heart(s).

(C) 2020 Stephen Fuller

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