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beLonging, A 5 O’Clock Poem by Stephen with audio

This was my first published poem, in 2006 in the Powhatan Review, a defunct local journal out of Norfolk, Virginia.  The editor, Greg Avila, was kind enough to submit it to the Best New Poets of Virginia, it didn't make the final cut of that journal, but man, when he called me... it was like Christmas!

We all belong somewhere
I stumble (slip) along a slope
up the mountain I built
but cannot climb
I sit, defeated, until
the silence speaks to me:
         escape to the world within
         to stories of romance and adventure
         set in the forest behind your house
         Ivanhoe and Rowena will come to life and
         Peter chase the white witch through Narnia
I hear the dreams in my head
and weave them into the quilt of a smile
to warm me when winter words chill.
Out of the cold around my soul
and the whispered stories of silence
I design a home.
I belong.
Started out as this sometime in 2004: 

a writer’s doodle
belonging somewhere
we slide along a path
sometimes a slope we try to climb
defeats us
we build a mountain
we cannot climb
silence speaks to u
as we sit
escaping to the world within and
the stories of romance and adventure
Ivanhoe and Rowena
the woods behind my house
a story come to life!
one winter I ran through Narnia
chasing the white witch!
stories in my head make me smile...
sometimes the words don't make sense...
that is okay...
just spilling
them makes a pattern
out of which a meaning is drawn...
or not

31 Responses to “beLonging, A 5 O’Clock Poem by Stephen with audio”

  1. ivor20

    Truly a wondrous poem Stephen, and your words seem so appropriate for our present situation….and Definitely time for a re-submission …

    Liked by 1 person


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