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WRITER’S WORKSHOP I, Week 4: A Celebration and My #1 Writing Tip

Good evening friends and guests of Fullbeard Lit! Have you heard? Tanya Cliff has been leading a fantastic Writing Workshop every Saturday at the Go Dog Go Cafe and I would love for you to check out the amazing work our participants came up with… as well as the stimulating conversations in comments.

Last week, Tanya discussed how to create an effective opening sentence by developing tension with a ‘but’ construction; like how good improv-ers use the ‘yes, but’ to create tension in a scene.  In a short story, the author does not have the benefit of two witty, trained actors on stage in front of a slightly tipsy audience, but has to use that opening line to establish characters, show conflict, and draw in the reader.

Scroll around and read what we came up wit… wash you hands first!

Go Dog Go Café


We came, we saw, we measured—twice. We cut 10% of the excess—once. We twisted our opening lines to create grammatical tension. We have arrived. It’s Week 4 of the Writer’s Workshop, and that means it’s time to step back and celebrate our hard work. Next week, I will be back with some fresh points to ponder and a new writing prompt. Until then…

My #1 Writing Tip:

I am taking two writing seminars online, Advanced Grammar and Academic Writing, to help me prepare for entry in a Creative Writing MFA. Today, in the grammar class, I had the opportunity to interact with a classmate from the Middle East who is taking the class for a business promotion. He told me that he had mastered verbal English but struggled with his writing. I shared the best tip for writing that I have ever received and suggested that he read his work…

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