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Angel Learning How to Live, a poem by Stephen Fuller

Angels Learning How to Live

When angels stop flying long enough to watch
What we make with this mortal flesh they would
Mock if they did not burn with jealousy and want
They fall from their heights for a single tremble.

When we choose to swim inside our mortality
Letting our too human blood fill up empty spots
That deserve to come alive if only for one night,
We long for the second angels begin their descent.

When they fall, seeking to tremble like us, do not
Call it falling, but learning how to live, at last,
Inside the spare moments given us mortals.

We have chosen the marrow.

We chose to feel what cannot be felt,

Our feet on the ground or ethereal, lost in heights
We should not reach lest we melt into legend, yes,
A metaphor for those who have not chosen to love.


Just say yes and watch angels crave what we 
Make together when we allow us our humanity.

(C) 2020 Stephen Fuller

Art by Michael Parkes, my favorite contemporary artist. Link can be found here to his sculpture Angel of August.

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