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A Fine Cider Toast 3/9/20, The One Where I Talk About What’s Happening This Week At Fullbeard Lit

Good evening, friends, guests, and readers of Fullbeard Lit.  Lots of excitement over at the Go Dog Go Cafe, so thank you for paying a short visit to my table in the back. I am deeply grateful for the community that has grown up at the Cafe, as I write this we have had over 200 comments left at Promote Yourself Monday, we have over 40 comments in the new Writing Workshop (my own contribution will be posted over at the GDG later this evening), and I eagerly anticipate the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge tomorrow after last week’s stellar showing in support of Beth’s brilliant prompt “Let There Be Storms.” So many kind and encouraging comments are flowing in to us, I cannot help but say Thank You to all of you for making it one of the places to go online for support and encouragement of the writing life.

March continues to be about Gratitude. Last week, great songs from 1985 and artists who had a strong influence of this young poet got their due. U2, tears for fears, and Simple Minds stood out foremost, but others abound: Big Country, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, the Clash, Rush, etc. These Into My Own reflections yielded a growing sense of spirituality necessary on the path of recovering the self. While I could not define what ‘God’ looks like or in what church he or she fits, if any, I know that sense of something greater has freed me to let go of the resentments and anger that colored poor decision-making and forced a reckoning of life, what mattered, and how to live it best.

Last week wrapped up with a fictional letter written by the young poet to the old poet, I hope to conclude this week with the old poet’s response. In the space between, the focus will remain centered on that formative year: 1985, with poems that had an early impact, and poets whose books remained dog-eared with crumbling bindings on my bookshelves. Spoiler, Frost is coming… surprised? Hardly a shock that a young poet from New Hampshire has a poem or two by one of the great 20th century American poets lodged in his brain. The others may or may not come as a surprise, that judgement is for you, but I suspect at least one will fit as an inspiration for my nature-themed poetry.

The Into My Own series is proving to be just the thing to show gratitude between the young poet and old, between my influences and me. So keep reading, keep writing, and raise a glass of fine cider to toast the poet who must write in all of us!

— Stephen

PS… those bands are still making some great music… check out these new-ish songs:

Simple Minds, Magic, 2018

tears for fears, I Love You but I Am Lost, 2017

And a secretly brilliant song by U2 with Bono at his most vulnerable, Moment of Surrender, 2010 (Okay… more new-ish, but a song with renewed meaning to me now)

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2 Responses to “A Fine Cider Toast 3/9/20, The One Where I Talk About What’s Happening This Week At Fullbeard Lit”

  1. Couch Talks With B

    I think that’s an amazing idea to write to your younger poet self! I’m sure that would be an interesting read!



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