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“On Top Mount Monadnock, or upon listening to Alive and Kicking” a poem by Stephen Fuller

On Top Mount Monadnock

You stayed. You held on to your sweetest cup.
You walked behind me up my climb of Monadnock
To catch me had I slipped those final steps.

I drew on your strength when helping that woman
Climbing alone to prove her knee reconstructed
Could not hold her back. I heard Your whisper

On top of the mountain where You led me, first
When cold rain kept me chilled, then the next,
When seeing the view so full, my storm inside

At last calmed. So arms outstretched we embraced.
You served me the cup once again; ready to drink,
I sipped to let Your love at last burn me down.

Then with Your hand on my forehead, voice no longer
A whisper, spoke “It is not time to say goodbye,
It is time for your love to live, it is time to be.”

We stayed on top Monadnock like Thoreau and Emerson
Taking it all in: the journey, the storms, the slips,
the falls, drinking the sweet tonic of boys who lived.

(C) 2020 Stephen Fuller


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