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Things to be Grateful For – Author Joanne Reed

Practicing gratitude has a number of positive psychological effects. People who express gratitude for things to be grateful for experience overall better well-being, higher levels of positivity and overall are much happier
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Gratitude. I am a huge, huge fan. One year, I made sure to post on Facebook only one thing every day, something I was grateful for.

Perhaps I should start again. Before the poetry, before the comments and likes, before the day gets rolling, let there be coffee and gratitude.

Today, I will be thankful for my morning perch where I have returned after a few weeks off and in time to see the sunrise, to watch the birds feed behind me, and to taste the pour over coffee. Some old habits were really good habits, these among them. Thank you to blogger Joanna Reed and her wise 17-year old daughter Maya Reed. Sometimes just say Thank You, for no other reason than to show gratitude.

14 Responses to “Things to be Grateful For – Author Joanne Reed”

  1. Angela van Son

    At first I thought gratitude was something that I had to try “doing”. The subject only clicked for me when Irealizesd it needed being a lot more than doing. I enjoy it since πŸ™‚

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    • Stephen

      Agreed. It is when I recognized that gratitude was a stare of being that I had the breakthrough I needed to become the person I feel I was meant to be. And things got lighter, not necessarily easier, as life is still hard, but lighter.



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