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Brave and Reckless ‘Moon Ate The Dark’ Creativity Prompt Challenge

I want to give a formal shout-out to my dear friend Christine Ray. She and I cofounded the Go Dog Go Cafe several years ago and just this morning had a great conversation about new features we want to bring to our growing and energized writing community… now over 7000 strong and being read on every continent… from Albania to Armenia, Ghana to Gambia, Burma to Belarus, Curacao to Colombia!

But… more on that later… head over to the Cafe and then on to her blog to take on the “Moon ate the Dark” Creativity Challenge.

Way back in 2017, when I was known as S Francis the Sailor Poet and hid behind a steampunk costume, I was honored to win her first Challenge with my poem Swimming in Pathos.

Since those early days, I have tore up the Sailor Poet script and am now blogging once again, this time as myself here at Fullbeard Lit. She continues on, Brave and Reckless, leading a small micro press called Indie Blue and compiling her poetry that has been recognized in the inter-webs for its excellence. Very happy to have one of our collaborations included in her book: Myths of Girlhood. Visit the Cafe, visit Brave and Reckless, support our worldwide creative community! And if you dare… take her challenge.

via Brave and Reckless ‘Moon Ate The Dark’ Creativity Prompt Challenge

7 Responses to “Brave and Reckless ‘Moon Ate The Dark’ Creativity Prompt Challenge”

  1. braveandrecklessblog

    Thank you so much my friend! It has been quite a journey, hasn’t it? I still remember asking you to write with me that first time and worrying that you thought I was some kind of weird stalker or a hack. . .

    Glad I was able to convince you that I am legit.

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