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The Black Knife, a poetry response to GDG writing prompt… by Stephen

Good Tuesday afternoon, Readers and Friends. Today I share my response to this weeks Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge, “dangerous thoughts” provided by my dear friend Beth at Midwest Fantasy. Click the picture below to jump to the Cafe and take the challenge yourself or to just scroll around and read what has been shared.


A monarch butterfly dashes through the yard.
Sun has formed its wings, bleeding hot plasma
Into forged shapes of perfection: thin enough
To not call its flight back to ground, an Icarus,
Yet, strong to allow lift.

These are dangerous
Thoughts. Might I, like a monarch be, and dash
Through this field, molded plasmas of the sun
Lifting me off the ground yet always calling me

Yes… these thoughts endanger: I cannot
Fly now any more than I could when paraffin
Sealed gaps in a soul I cut just like my crayon
Art drawn on the sides of a bookshelf or too
White walls that invited some imagined hero
To slay imagined beasts for imagined damsels.

Like a monarch be, then my blood scores paper-thin
Glass with the black knife meant
To carve out the heart of the slain beast.

(C) 2020 Stephen Fuller

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