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The Sun Blooms, in flight entertainment poem by Stephen

The sun blooms as it sets
The soft playful white puffs
Clouds that appear in constant
Transformation to the busting
Child, into lava. Rising up rolling
Into night, we will soon
Float above black beaches…

Sand we’d fall through quick-
Like. Alas, it all transpires
In a blink. Soon we, gone like
Dust that falls to those below
As snow for daydreamers,
Will become our own beach.

Weathered and worn like rocks
Into sand only imagined children
Will bucket, pile and drip into castles
That will give fathers a smile, proud
As they should be as suns set.

Another travel day yesterday, will toss a late throwback poem your way later today!

30 Responses to “The Sun Blooms, in flight entertainment poem by Stephen”

  1. Tanya Cliff

    Evocative piece, Stephen! I love the cycle of the imagery…the sun “blooms” (birth)…we become the sands(death). Then, you complete the cycle with playing children (new/young life). Beautiful.

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  2. Innerdialects

    “…. only imagined children will bucket…” ohhhhhh that’s given me some chills but in the special way of great verse. Sigh. Why do people write such insanely poignant things…. this ll wake the sleepy in me when I think of the response one have to life itself, the value of the present. Thankyou for a brilliant share.

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    • Stephen

      Thank you for these wonderful words! I think to write insanely poignant things one must have a bit of the crazy in the membrane. But mostly I am grateful that this has conveyed so well then importance of presence and the cycles of life. Thank you.



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