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Promote Yourself Monday at the Go Dog Go Cafe, February 3, 2020 – Better Compiled Late than Never!

Woefully delinquent on my weekly summaries this week due to travel. Bear with me kind readers, but if there is one priority that trumps writing and building this wonderful community of writers here and at the Go Dog Go Cafe, it would be quality time with my kids. Would choose binging Chef’s Table or Good Mythical Morning with my favorite beasts any day over writing a poem any day. So be it, though… I still have this commitment to all of you and so, here we are on Tuesday celebrating another great Promote Yourself Monday at the G.D.G.

Thank you to the contributors and commenters. If you stop by, please scroll around a while and pay a visit to some of the other wonderful writers scribbling on their tablets. Let’s not let the busy-ness of our day allow our fellow artists words be made of chalk and wash away into the sea of pixels. Thank one or two for their contribution to the creative goodness we all crave these days.

Here are our contributions this week:

Nascent Ederren

K Morris, Poet

mbrazfieldm (our Gen Xer friend)

Jo Hawk the Writer!

Kunal Thakore

Blind Zany Girl!


Gael aka GizzyLaw

Tanya ‘She’s Back’ Cliff

Robin Leeann

Sadie… and a sneak preview of this week’s Level UP!

Padre’s Ramblings!



and a bonus video from our VJ, Ivor:

Andrew McDowell, Author

Red Cat


Eugi and another Level UP preview!

Angela van Son who says… “I love how this day invites me to go through my poems and find one that I want to share with more readers than I’ve done before 🙂 This one is special to me because it’s outside of my normal range of writing” Awesome!


Christine Bolton

Donna down at the DJ Ranch

and finally… Momma Squirrel down at Nut House Central…

Hoping to catch up on the rest this week as the week goes, now the Red Eye flight has me ready to collapse into a heap. As always… THANK YOU for stopping by the Cafe and sharing, invite some friends next week and always… scroll around a while.

4 Responses to “Promote Yourself Monday at the Go Dog Go Cafe, February 3, 2020 – Better Compiled Late than Never!”

  1. Tanya Cliff

    Thanks for the share, Stephen!
    And for taking the time to link these pieces in a summary. I think I read them all, but this makes it easy to check.
    Get some rest. 😴🤓😘

    Liked by 1 person


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